2 thoughts on “Planning Workshop #2 February 7th!

  1. Hello. I couldn’t participate in today’s meeting, however, I’m so glad that the town count on the residents to improve it. I would like to know if something is being planned to improve and increase the public streets lighting. Maybe some projects could be directed towards creating solar panels to solve that issue. ..can high schools in the area collaborate with that?
    In addition, it would be good to increase the awareness on helping the environment by making a contest to create pieces of art by using recycled items.
    Maybe there is a need of another stop sign on Macedonia Rd when entering to the recreation center. ..there is many people and kids that visit that area and the traffic doesn’t slow down when people is crossing the street.
    Thank you. I hope this help.


    1. Hi Lily,
      Thank you for visiting our page and please take the survey if you haven’t already. I will share your thoughts with the Project Team and please attend our next meeting if you can!


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